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The 2035 Oceania Summit launches the platform

Empowering the New Zealand, Australian and the wider Oceania region’s AgriFoodTech and ClimateTech start-up ecosystem to tackle the existential impact of climate change is a core mission of the 2035 Oceania Summit.

Developing disruptive technologies that address some of the key challenges facing farmers and growers worldwide is not an option. It’s an imperative. The region’s AgriFoodTech and ClimateTech start-up ecosystem has the knowledge and the knowhow. What these sectors sometime lack to execute on the opportunity is the capital resource and the in-house capability to scale globally and at pace. That’s why the platform has been launched.

Working with government agencies on both sides of the Tasman, NGO’s, impact organisations, together with domestic and offshore investors, the Platform has been designed to provide start-ups in its programme with the ability to accelerate their growth to create real global impact.

At the 2035 Oceania Summit next April, the Start-up Hub and Investment Pitch event will be inviting the region’s AgriFoodTech and ClimateTech start-up community to join the programme. The platform will publish its application criteria and share with those entrepreneurs looking join the programme on Monday 29 November at

By building a strong, inclusive and ambitious collaborative framework, the region’s AgriFoodTech and ClimateTech start-up ecosystem can generate a defining impact on the world’s ability to feed itself with affordable and nutritious food at a time of dramatic and existential climate change.

It’s time for our entrepreneurs to step up and take ownership of the challenge.