Global ‘Blue Economy’ thought leaders to attend the 2035 Oceania Summit

There can be few regions in the world where the ocean plays as important a role as it does in the Oceania region. The region’s name is no coincidence.

The ocean has long taken the brunt of the impacts of global warming. As the planet’s greatest carbon sink, the ocean absorbs excess heat and energy released from rising greenhouse gas emissions trapped in the Earth’s system. Today, the ocean has absorbed about 90 percent of the heat generated by rising emissions. As the excessive heat and energy warms the ocean, the change in temperature leads to unparalleled cascading effects, including ice-melting, sea-level rise, marine heatwaves, and ocean acidification. 

These changes ultimately cause a lasting impact on marine biodiversity, and the lives and livelihoods of coastal communities and beyond. Nowhere is this more felt than with our Pacific Island neighbours.

For the 2035 Oceania Summit, the state of our oceans and the coastal ecosystems they support, is integral to the significant long-term challenges that we collectively face. The very good news is that this purpose is well understood and we are delighted that some of the world’s most influential  'Blue Economy’ thought leaders are traveling to Auckland in October to attend and speak at the Summit.

Today, we are thrilled to confirm that Bren Smith, founder of Greenwave will be a keynote speaker. Bren has spent his life on the water. After seeing firsthand the harsh effects of commercial fishing on the climate, he wanted to find a more environmentally friendly way to do what he loved. In 2013, he founded the non-profit GreenWave to teach regenerative ocean farming techniques to fishermen across the world. Bren will be joined on the stage by Dr. Nigel Bradly, CEO, EnviroStat. Nigel is a natural resources, energy and marine specialist with 22 years’ experience in both the public and private sectors around the world. Strategy development and execution has become a particular focus over the past 15 years with significant experience of major projects within the Oceania region.

The Summit had already announced a major line-up of local and international speakers exploring the real opportunity that an environmentally-friendly ‘Seaweed’ industry could create. Speakers include:

CH4 Global has just announced the construction of the company's first EcoPark, an integrated facility in New Zealand for sustainable aquaculture. This facility, together with several EcoParks beginning construction in Australia this year, will enable large-scale commercial production of the company's Asparagopsis-based animal supplements for enteric methane mitigation.

Paeroa-based Agrisea was voted ‘Maori Company of the Year’ at the recent 2022 New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards. This award is in recognition of some of the ground-breaking research and product development undertaken by the team, led by Clare & Tane Bradley. They recently launched their new product, Fortress Dairy.

We are delighted to be joined by such inspirational entrepreneurs and thought leaders. For anyone with an interest in helping address the impact of climate change on our oceans and its coastal communities, we believe the opportunity to meet and engage with these global experts in October is one not to miss. For New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands, conserving and protecting our ocean environment is critical for the region and its peoples'  long-term future.

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