Meet, Engage and Network with this exceptional US Delegation

There can be few opportunities for New Zealand agribusinesses, researchers and agritech companies, looking to meet, engage and network with key US stakeholders (policy-makers, researchers & growers), than at the 2035 Oceania Summit.

Last month, we were delighted to announce that California Department of Food & Agriculture Secretary, Karen Ross, will be traveling to Auckland to attend and speak at the Summit. Today, I can share details of some delegation members traveling with the Secretary.

Don Cameron, President of the California State Board of Food and Agriculture and owner of Terranova Ranch. Terranova Ranch is dedicated to producing over 25 premium quality conventional and organic crops as effectively, productively and sustainably as possible on over 6,000 acres in the central San Joaquin Valley of California.

Glenda Humiston, Vice President, University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources. Glenda was raised on a cattle ranch in Colorado and at UCANR looks after NR's Research and Extension Centers, located in important California ecosystems, supporting research projects to enable the delivery of the highest-quality science to growers, industry and land managers.

Allison Jordan, Executive Director, California Sustainable Winegrape Coalition/California Wine Institute. With 2,247 Certified California Sustainable Vineyards that farm 204,000 acres, certification is a tool to convey key sustainability messages and to connect certified wines, wineries and vineyards with interested trade and consumers.

Dave Puglia, President & CEO, Western Growers (TENTATIVE). With Western Growers members producing over 50% of all North American fresh produce, there is not a vegetable, fruit, nut or organic produce that WG is not interested in. Dennis Donohue, Director of the Western Growers Technology & Innovation Center based in Salinas, will also be speaking at the Summit, via video conference.

Josh Eddy, Executive Director, the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Josh leads the advisory body to the Governor and Secretary serving the interests of the state’s agricultural community. Josh also serves as the state director of international affairs for the California Department of Food and Agriculture and advises on federal policy issues.

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