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Peter Gordon to curate the ‘Festival of Food’

The 2035 Oceania Summit is delighted to confirm that renowned chef Peter Gordon will be both attending and curating the Summit’s ‘Festival of Food’ next October.

Peter needs little introduction to a New Zealand audience. A chef, restauranteur, writer, and fusion pioneer for the last 40 years, Peter's gathered ingredients, textures and techniques from across the world's kitchens, combining them in thrilling new ways to imagine the impossible.

With eight books to his name and a roll call of award-winning restaurants, Peter's eclectic style of cuisine has garnered him a passionate global following.

In 2020, Peter relocated from London to Auckland to establish Homeland, a restaurant and food embassy to support New Zealand producers, teach people to cook, buy local, and share recipes from their homelands – and tell trade stories to the world.

Next October, Peter will be curating the full delegate menu over the two days of the Summit. The brief is to create a sensational selection of food, using fresh produce that has a zero carbon footprint. We intend to showcase food producers from the Auckland region and across Aotearoa New Zealand to demonstrate the significant movement to reduce New Zealand’s primary sector’s impact on our climate and our environment.

If you have ever wondered what Peter’s legendary culinary skills can create, the 2035 Oceania Summit now provides you with that opportunity!