PODCAST: 'Voices of the Valley'. Published by Western Growers. The 2035 Oceania Summit and the regional opportunity it is creating

Earlier this week, we announced that Wharf42 and Western Growers had signed a Letter of Intent to jointly host a major 'Growers Summit' in Salinas, Northern California at the end of  Q2, 2023.

Two weeks earlier, the podcast team at Western Growers had interviewed Peter Wren-Hilton, founder of Wharf42 and convener of the 2035 Oceania Summit.  In it, Peter talked about the opportunity the Summit had created to help build a regional platform between New Zealand, Australia & the Pacific Islands to support farmers and growers reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to a changing climate. The Summit would discuss some of the emerging technologies and tools that would assist producers achieve these ends.

You can listen to the podcast via the link below.



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